Contact:   David Rowe, COO
Website:   www.smartsparrow.com

Smart Sparrow’s Adaptive eLearning Platform is delivered online (software as a service – SaaS) and enables teachers and academics to build rich, interactive and adaptive educational modules. Students benefit from a “tutor over the shoulder” learning experience, in which the content intelligently adapts to their specific needs. Some 40 academics and 10,000 students at the University of NSW are working with around 100 modules built on the platform. The company is also involved in the Habitable Worlds project with Arizona State University.

See the new AERO Platform below.


Awards & Recognition:

  • Alogorithm for Change Competition 2018 (NYU Social Entrepreneurship Program).
  • 2016 Tech Pioneers Top 50: H2 Ventures & Investec named Smart Sparrow in the inaugural Tech Pioneers 50 list at number 33. The list show cases the most exciting and pioneering startups from Australia and New Zealand.
  • Chartered Accountants ANZ Learn Impact Award 2015: In 2015, Smart Sparrow was awarded Silver in the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand Learn Impact Awards.
  • IMS Global Learning Impact Award 2013: The IMS Global Learning Consortium announced on 17 May 2013 the results of the worldwide annual competition at Learning Impact 2013. Fourteen finalists recently exhibited at the conference and were evaluated by an independent expert panel and Learning Impact conference attendees who judged the finalists on their high impact use of technology to support and enhance teaching and learning. Smart Sparrow and the University of NSW jointly received a Silver Award.
  • Best in Class at Tech23 2012: UNSW spin-out Smart Sparrow Pty Ltd was awarded the NSW Government’s High Growth Catalyst Award ($20,000) at the fourth annual Tech23 conference held in Sydney during October 2012.  This award recognised Smart Sparrow’s ability to revolutionise education with its adaptive eLearning Platform – empowering teachers to create powerful learning experiences which intelligently adapt to students.
  • NYU Social Entrepreneurship Program Honors Edtech Startup Smart Sparrow and Others in Algorithm for Change Competition: The winning team at Smart Sparrow hit all the marks. With help from AI and machine learning experts at ACTNext, a non-profit arm of ACT, and award-winning science educators from Arizona State University, Smart Sparrow submitted Foundations of Science.  This competition seeks to shine an intense spotlight on these technologies and their potential to harness vast and growing datasets to better identify micro and macro pathways for success, better support students at risk through targeted interventions, and better prepare those students academically for promising lives and careers.”