17th April; 2023 – The Federal Government has awarded Forcite Helmet Systems Pty Ltd (Forcite), the University of Canberra, Macquarie University, Western Sydney University and industry partners a $1,650,505 research grant to help reduce motorcycle accidents and fatalities with an advanced rider assistance system.

Forcite is partnering with the three universities, Transport for NSW, APPRO Photoelectron Inc., NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN), and Harley Davidson Australia over the multi-stage project to develop a next generation smart helmet and sensing system to pre-empt and identify hazards, such as debris and other road users, and alert riders so they can take evasive action. The cooperative project is worth a total $5,654,275.

The research project will consist of two stages: detection and intervention. The University of Canberra’s Human-Centred Technology (HCT) Research Centre will be leading the detection stage to develop the smart sensing system that will recognise other road users and hazards on the road.