If Australia is to stop slipping down the rungs of the world’s economic ladder, and play our part in improving everybody’s future, we need to get a lot better at getting great inventions out of labs and into market. It’s time to change from a resource heavy economy to a complex one – and that means taking some big bets on research.


Producing 3% of the world’s research with less than 0.3% of the world’s population, we hit above our weight when it comes to discovering new things. But we are woeful on ‘translating’ this research .


It is not just on the digital front we need to ‘settle up’ on innovation, but on all tech fronts which will be the next important wave for getting people and the planet back on track for a sustainable, happy future.


Join us on our exploration of this critical key to Australia and the world’s future as we talk to Universities, Industry, Researchers, Government, Entrepreneurs and Investors about what is and isn’t working about getting great research into the world.


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