Contact:   Salah Sukkarieh
Website:   www.agerris.com

Agerris is revolutionising agriculture and transforming on-farm operations with robotics, AI and intelligent systems. Agerris’ vision is to bring to all growers the latest in air and ground field robotic systems to enable them to improve farm productivity, and to support environment sustainability and animal welfare.

Robotic solutions developed by Agerris support a range of agriculture commodities from tree crops, to vegetables, broadacre and grazing livestock. Through intelligent tools these robotics can conduct non-chemical weeding, intelligent spraying and very soon harvesting. Agerris’ AI mapping and decision system links into the ground and air robotic platforms to detect weeds, count individual fruit, nuts, crops and animals, and provide overall crop, animal and environment assessment. This can include pest assessment, crop yield, and animal tracking, all ultimately to support real-time on-farm decision making.

The core intellectual property being commercialised by Agerris was developed at the University of Sydney by Professor Salah Sukkarieh and the field robotics team.  The team have been developing air and ground robotic solutions for the agriculture industry since 2005. Agerris is headquartered at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney.

In the video below, watch the Agerris field robot in action.