Contact: Laura Droessler-Dansie, (Investment Manager)



Diraq is a global leader in building quantum processors using silicon ‘quantum dot’ technology, leveraging proprietary technology developed at UNSW over 20 years of research and with over US $135 million in funding across 11 patent families. Its approach relies on the existing silicon manufacturing processes used by foundries to produce today’s semiconductor components, known as CMOS, forging a faster and cheaper road to market. Diraq’s goal is to revolutionize quantum computing by driving qubit numbers on a single chip to the many millions, and ultimately billions needed for useful commercial applications.    

By capitalizing on existing chip fabrication technology and the ability to manufacture qubits at scale within current semiconductor facilities, Diraq is accelerating the change that can transform computing as we know it today. Its platform architecture is purpose built to drive the significant processing advances required to reduce cost and energy barriers, and to realize quantum computing’s full societal and economic potential.