Contact:   Stewart Bartlett, CEO
Website:  Ferronova.com.au

Ferronova is an innovative medical device company, spun out of the University of South Australia, Victoria University NZ and with key IP licenced from the University of Sydney, developing advanced magnetic nanoparticles for use in the detection of cancer.  The technology is targeted at Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB), and is designed to increase the accuracy of identifying the early spread of solid tumour cancers, including those in the head and neck, prostate, breast, colon, cervix, and lung of which there are over 10 million new cases globally per year.

The key IP from the University of Sydney is a unique patented polymer coating which provides the nanoparticles with a performance advantage over existing marketed magnetic particles. This includes better depth of detection and better MRI contrast, and overcoming problems associated with other magnetic particles including clearance from the injection site.  The unique particles are designed to be retained in the sentinel node, be compatible with existing surgical equipment, and to overcome false negatives associated with shine-through, where sentinel lymph nodes close to an injection site can be missed due to inadequate resolution of alternative solutions.

In the video below, CEO Stewart Bartlett talks about Uniseed investee Ferronova.