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Professor Darren Kelly

Professor Darren Kelly

Fibrotech is a spin-out of the University of Melbourne that developed drugs to treat fibrosis based on the work of Professor Darren Kelly. In April 2014, Fibrotech reached an agreement with Shire Pharmaceuticals, a global specialty biopharmaceutical company, under which Shire agreed to purchase Fibrotech for an upfront payment of US$75 million.  After completing a multi-billion-dollar merger in 2017, Shire rationalised its drug pipeline and the program has been returned to Fibrotech shareholders, who have formed Certa Therapeutics to move it forward.

Awards & recognition:

  • Best Early Stage Venture Deal 2014: On 4th September 2014, University of Melbourne spin-out Fibrotech Therapeutics Pty Ltd was awarded the Australian Venture Capital Association (AVCAL) Best Early Stage Deal of the Year, for the deal with Shire Pharmaceuticals.