Contact:   Cao Jun, CFO

H2Store acquired University of Queensland spinout Hydrexia in 2021, and is developing hydrogen storage systems based on proprietary magnesium hydrides. Hydrexia had developed prototypes for the industrial hydrogen storage market that address storage requirements from 10-150 kg. These products can replace traditional pressurised gas systems (either pallets of manifolded cylinders, or tube trailers) and demonstrate advantages such as improved safety & handling, smaller footprint and better matching of customer usage needs. The total industrial hydrogen storage market (served by pallets, tube and tanker trailers) is estimated at USD200-500 million per annum.


Awards & recognition:

  • Hydrexia was named the Asia Pacific Company of the Year 2013 at the Cleantech Group’s Global Cleantech 100 Awards.
  • Hydrexia Pty Ltd won a High Commendation in the Research and Development category at the Engineers Australia Queensland Engineering Excellence Awards 2012.