Contact:   Peter Devine, Director
Website:   www.progel.com.au


ProGel is a start-up company from the University of Queensland commercialising a revolutionary method of encapsulating active ingredients for inclusion in foods, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. In certain applications ProGel allows for the first time encapsulated high value additives small enough to remain undetectable by the consumer, whilst still being cost effective to the manufacturer of the ingredients.

This technology can make dry and liquid stable microgels, with the initial product targets being functional foods such as probiotic drinks or yoghurts, or omega-3 fatty acid enhanced foods. Multi-billion dollar markets have grown around each of these additives, and importantly they are each growing at above 10% per year.

The Company has executed multiple license deals including those with Bega Bionutrients (for Inferrin) and Perkii (for probiotics).

In 2023, ProGel was acquired by Perkii Pty Ltd in a scrip for scrip transaction, and ProGel is now a fully-owned subsidiary of Perkii.  

The video below describes the ProGel technology.