Contact:   Michael Grant, CEO
Website:   www.q-sera.com

Q-Sera is a start-up company from the Centre for Clinical Research, University of Queensland which is using the coagulant properties of snake venom-derived proteins to develop blood collection tubes which deliver fast and high quality serum. The technology behind Q-Sera involves coating blood collection tubes with a naturally occurring coagulation agent, isolated from the venom of certain Australian snakes to accelerate the clotting of blood. The tube is capable of rapidly clotting patient blood samples, including difficult to clot samples such as those from patients taking anticoagulants such as warfarin or heparin, to produce high quality serum for subsequent biochemical analysis. The company has developing a prototype tube and conducted a proof-of-concept clinical study to demonstrate the superiority of the Q-Sera tube compared to the current commercial tubes using blood from different cohorts of patients.

In 2021 Q-Sera signed a license agreement with Terumo to commercialise its technology across the Japanese market