Aravax is a spin out company from Monash University and Alfred Health developing the first rationally designed and precisely targeted immunotherapeutic for peanut allergy (PVX108).  Peanut allergy is a rapidly growing problem in Australia and around the world.  Peanut allergy affects 1-2% of the global population, with higher incidences reported in children and in the western world more generally. There are currently estimated around 10 million people in the United States with peanut allergy. Over 1 million of these are children with confirmed diagnoses, seeking therapeutic options. Many go on to suffer a serious, potentially life-threatening reaction to peanuts which cannot be predicted or prevented.  Fatalities are fortunately rare, but allergy sufferers live in constant fear of an accidental peanut encounter.  Aravaxs PVX108 is a novel, highly differentiated therapy developed using the companys platform technology. Importantly, it does not contain the peanut proteins which put patients at risk of serious side effects. Rather, it contains short peptides mimicking key regions from those proteins which can be used to retrain the immune system to tolerate peanuts but are too small to trigger allergic reactions.

Link to YouTube video describing the mechanism of action of PVX108 Aravax MoA HD (youtube.com)