Contact:   Ray Dagastine
Website:   www.tinybrightthings.com

TBT is looking to transform the way manufacturers and researchers see tiny objects. In an
AU$13.5B global market, existing microscopy tools trade-off spatial resolution against slow and complicated workflows, blunting the cutting edge of research and undermining modern
manufacturing. By reimagining the way that a microscopy scene is illuminated, TBT’s patented Halo microscopy products deliver “impossible” imaging and measurement down to the nanoscale as fast as you can take a picture, enabling whole new fields of discovery and supercharging manufacturing with real-time process insights.

The Halo Element allows users to see millimetre to nanoscale objects as fast as a camera can acquire frames, without altering the sample in any way; it does not require labelling, staining, freezing, drying or a vacuum, and operates in wet or dry conditions.
The proprietary Halo Vision software is designed to provide all the power of novel image synthesis and analysis methods in a simple interface that requires minimal training.

Halo technology is underpinned by the scientific discovery of Resonance Imaging Microscopy (RIM) developed by the founders largely from an Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2015-2019) and protected with a broad, first-of-field patent.