Nexgen Plants Pty Limited and the University of Western Australia sign a research and licensing agreement to develop innovative herbicides


Brisbane, Australia, December 5th, 2019 – Nexgen Plants Pty Limited (Nexgen) and The University of Western Australia (UWA) have announced they have signed a research and licensing agreement to develop innovative herbicides.

Food production strongly depends on sustaining crop production. Growers seek the best solutions to protect their crops and ensure supply year on year. Controlling weeds is critically important for farmers and innovative weed management solutions including novel and safe herbicides are needed globally.

Nexgen Plants is developing its plant healthcare technology platform and will partner with a multidisciplinary team in their quest to find herbicides with novel modes of action. Associate Professors Joshua Mylne, plant biochemist, and Keith Stubbs, chemical biologist, teamed up and worked with Research Fellow Joel Haywood to set-up an herbicide discovery program that led to the identification of several candidates.

Nexgen Plants CEO Philippe Herve said “this partnership and agreement strengthen our goal to develop plant healthcare solutions for sustainable crop farming and I am pleased to work with such a motivated and diverse team that is committed to working hard and solving great world challenges”. He added that “protecting crops will become even more important for future generations if we truly want to shift our economy towards more plant-based products and mitigate climate change.”

About Nexgen Plants Pty Ltd

Nexgen Plants Pty Ltd was founded by UniQuest in 2013 with technology developed at the University of Queensland, Australia, and received seed funding from Yuuwa Capital and Uniseed. The company implements an extensive program to develop innovative solutions to protect crops against weeds, pests and diseases.

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About UWA

Established in 1911 as Western Australia’s first university, The University of Western Australia (UWA) has an international reputation for remarkable and life-changing contributions across world-class research, learning and teaching. UWA is Western Australia’s top-ranked university and one of only a handful of top 100 universities in the country.

Media Contact

Philippe Herve, Nexgen Plants, CEO,, +61 7 3013 3200

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